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If you or someone you know is in need of healing prayer, please feel free to give us a call at 302-268-0026 and we will set you up for an appointment with our Ministry Team via ZOOM.

We've been in ministry 22 years with over 
900 sick people ministered too and over 
300 people testifying of God healing them.
The Healing Rooms of Wilmington provide a loving, safe, confidential environment where you can come to receive prayer. If this will be your first time visiting the Healing Rooms, we would like to take this time to walk you through your prayer session. When you first come in, you will be warmly greeted, and asked to sign your name on our sign in sheet and then fill out an information form, listing what your prayer needs are. This form is for our information only and is strictly confidential.  
We have wonderful prayer team people at our Healing Rooms who are all devoted in seeing that you receive the answer to your prayer request. A family atmosphere of love and unity permeates our team of people. Assembling in small groups of two or three to pray, the Holy Spirit flows through them as a team. There is only one “super-star” in our midst: Jesus!!  Some are healed instantly by a miraculous touch from God. Others receive their healing progressively over a period of time. We are committed to pray for you, contending for your healing until you are completely well in spirit, soul and body!!
In August of 2000, twelve members of Newark Christian Fellowship traveled to Spokane, Washington to receive training in the Healing Rooms model. From October of that year, three of these twelve, Pastor Bruce Latshaw, Rev. Maria DeShields, and Mr. Larry Field envisioned, planned, and administered the Healing Rooms of Wilmington. Training of ministry team members from local churches began in 2001 and the Healing Rooms of Wilmington opened its doors on April 18, 2001.  In 2002, Pastor Chuck Williams began serving as executive director of the Healing Rooms Of Wilmington.
Above all, you can expect the gentle presence and touch of God’s love through Jesus Christ. Our healing teams are trained to minister healing in Jesus’ name. A member of the team will come to the reception area and escort you to a room where you will receive prayer for healing. One person on the team has been designated as the team leader who will lead the healing ministry time, though all on the team will pray for you as led by the Spirit of God. Our healing technicians may anoint you with oil, lay hands on you as they pray, or ask you to receive communion.  But, before they do, they will ask your permission to do so. If you do not give your permission, they will respect your desire and minister to you in other ways. Each healing session typically lasts fifteen to twenty minutes, though this may vary as decided by the team. Normally, the team will command your body to be made whole in Jesus’ name, even as Jesus and his disciples did when they ministered to the sick. Occasionally the Holy Spirit will give team members special ways to pray by utilizing the gifts of the Spirit.
If you have strong faith that God will heal you, that is wonderful. We encourage you to grow personally in biblical faith for healing by studying scriptures on healing. We also encourage you to ask God for healing through the prayer of faith. However, at the Healing Rooms of Wilmington, we expect our healing teams to exercise faith for healing on behalf of those who receive prayer.  While God can heal you in many ways, including through your own faith, we expect  God to use the faith-filled prayers of our ministry teams to bring healing to you even if you are weak in faith
The medical community ministers healing through medicine. We are fully supportive of their work and believe God uses them greatly.  Divine healing is not in competition with medical or natural means of healing. You should remain under your doctor’s supervision and treatment plan for as long as you judge is right for you. When your health is recovered through healing prayer, we recommend you have your healing confirmed by your doctor not only as a witness, but also for your personal peace of mind as well.
No. Anyone who is sick for any reason should come to the Healing Rooms of Wilmington. We will pray for Christians and non-Christians alike, young or old, and of any ethnic background.  When God touches you, we ask you to let us know what He has done in order for us to keep accurate records of His works in the Healing Rooms of Wilmington. Your testimony will encourage others in their faith to be healed.  We also encourage you to call us at 302-268-0026 with any prayer request for those who are sick. Our intercessors will pray over these requests for one month.

Chuck and Jane Williams not only serve as Pastors of The Father's House in Newark, Delaware, they serve as Directors of the Healing Rooms of Wilmington. Chuck has been appointed as the State Director for Delaware by the International Association of Healing Rooms. Over the past 36 years of ministry, Chuck and Jane have been used in various streams of Renewal, Prophetic Healing and Prophetic Intercession. While serving as missionaries in Jamaica in the mid 80's, Chuck and Jane assisted in establishing a Bible School, writing curriculum, and teaching in the School. They have been instrumental in helping other churches establish their own Healing Rooms. Their heart is to set people free, spirit, mind, and body wherever Holy Spirit leads.
Cathy Whisler is a gifted teacher of the Word of God and facilitates a weekly Bible study. She is very strong in faith for healing & miracles. Cathy is a dedicated minister, led by the Spirit of God, assisting in bringing the vision of Healing Rooms Of Wilmington to fruition.
Steve received ministry for bronchitis and heat exhaustion.  His cough went away before he arrived home that evening.  He reported, “I cut the grass the next day (over one hour) and had no problems – Amen!”    He later came back for prayer for his singing voice and for healing of alcohol addiction.  Steve testifies to a total loss of the desire to be intoxicated and to an instantaneous change in his singing voice -“I sing in tune now." S. H.

Andre came to HROW for prayer because he desired to quit smoking cigarettes. After his second visit, he has gone from smoking two packs of cigarettes a day to none per day!
Total healing over a five month time period.  We visited the Healing Rooms 3 times and stood on God’s Word for healing.  Eric quoted scripture daily morning & night.  Grades are greatly improved. I can sit still longer, my concentration has improved, and I like school better.  Also, I made student counsel and my memory improved.  Mom wrote:  He said he woke up one day and felt like a different guy!  Praise God! Eric S.
After prayer, Ana was healed of allergies. Glory to God!  

I had a cough and sometimes tightness in my chest and throat like I could not get enough air in my lungs. I went to the emergency room once and got breathing treatments which helped and I had an inhaler. The doctor thought the cough was triggered by allergies. I was taking allergy medication and had just started taking an asthma medication. Sometimes I would wake up at night feeling I wasn't getting enough air. I was also having dreams in which I (or my family) was under attack and I tried to fight but felt paralyzed.
I came to the healing rooms of Wilmington. I can't remember or understand all that was prayed...what I remember is that the prayer ministers spoke in God's power and authority. I was physically moved back with God's power and presence and started shaking so much that I could hardly stand.
I know that God is not far away. He is alive and present! Like His word says, He came to set the captives free us from all that binds us and keeps us from being healed and whole and He did that for me.
The prayer ministers gave me some scriptures (Isaiah 53, Psalm 103, etc.) which I continued to pray. Within two weeks I was symptom free. God's word is powerful and He is so faithful!
Today I take no medications...not even for allergies...even though this is usually the time of year they act up...not as much as a little cough!
I give praise and thanks to God and thank you to the faithful prayer warriors in the Healing Rooms of Wilmington. Shannon
Arthritic spine and pain.  Backache is gone! Praise God! N. D.

In the process of praying, a real peace and release from pain began to manifest in my body, a popping in the vertebrae of my neck was happening, yet with no pain. The presence of the Lord shook my head real fast, yet my joy was manifested in laughter. All stiffness and pain left. Hallelujah!! M. T.
I was having a hard time breathing and in constant fear of not being able to breathe. I was delivered from asthma and I am now at peace and there is no fear. Earlyn

One day at work, I noticed a mental and physical confusion affecting me to the point that I couldn’t use a measuring tape correctly. I went to the hospital and a MRI was taken of my head.  The next day, I was told that the MRI had revealed a tumor the size of a golf ball in my brain.  I was diagnosed as having multiform Gleoblastoma, which is a terminal disease.  I was informed that at the end of the first year, 50% die and at the end of the second year, 50% of the remainder die.  Six months later, the rest will die.  At best, two in one hundred will survive with a devastating decrease in the quality of life.
I had surgery at the University of Penn to remove the tumor, followed up with six weeks of simultaneous chemotherapy and radiation, none of which produced any healing. In December, I started to read books and listen to tapes on faith and my trust in God’s healing power increased. In late March, I endured another surgery where balloons were implanted into my head. The balloons were to be filled with radiation at a later date. Right after the surgery, I visited The Healing Rooms of Wilmington, DE and received prayer for the healing of my body.
Not long after the balloon implantation surgery, another MRI was taken.  My surgeon called to inform me that the MRI results showed no sign of cancer anywhere.  I was completely cancer free.  He wanted to schedule a date for the removal of the balloons.  A wave of relief and gratitude overwhelmed me and I started to worship my wonderful, miracle working Father God.  Since then, every six weeks I have had a MRI and I am still cancer free. 
Praise the Lord! Dennis O.

Anne received ministry for a brain lesion and emotional needs related to the diagnosis. She praises God that not only have all of the symptoms been resolved, but repeated MRI studies have shown that the lesion is diminishing in size.

My son was diagnosed with microcephaly (small brain), then ADHD, later with dyslexia and lately with poor tooth enamel. He was prayed over for each condition and was healed. 1) his brain grew to normal size, 2) he was healed of ADHD without medication, 3) he improved two reading grade levels within two weeks and is now an A+ student completing the 6th grade, 4) he has normal teeth. Thank you for your faithfulness in the Kingdom!
Jerry C. was given a prayer/healing cloth from the Healing Rooms. Jerry had cancer of the throat and lungs. He was on a feeding tube at home. He was not expected to live too much longer. The prayer/healing cloth was placed on his throat. The throat cancer disappeared which was confirmed by his doctor. The lung cancer started to recede. He is now able to go on trips (vacations) with his wife to states quite a distance from home and has just bought a new SUV for himself to enjoy.
Melissa has come for prayer for headaches, Crohn’s Disease, and emotional needs.  She testifies, “The Lord is really sweeping through my mind, body, and spirit.”  She was healed from Crohn’s Disease and the headaches.  She shares that she has grown in her Christian walk and in her faith in Jesus...  “I feel like a new creature in Christ.  He is really doing a work in me.” 
Anna asked for prayer for mental, spiritual, and emotional conditions.  She has been plagued with depression most of her life.  She shared that much healing has come and that she now feels peace and delivered from mental torment.  Anna writes, “The peace that I had after prayer was truly beyond understanding.“

I had been seeing my allergist for angio edema. But as a result of prayer, there is no trace of the angio edema in my blood stream. The depression I was dealing with has lifted and my doctors are taking me off the medications. The emotional abuse from my younger years, which included flash backs, have gone away. I feel a peace and a joy that I have never felt before. I also have not had to use any inhalers for asthma in over three month.M. D.

I felt like the whole world was falling in on me like there was no way out. I just came from my counseling appointment down the road. I turned my car into the parking lot and I didn’t even think of turning. I know God turned my car into the parking lot and I came to the office door to talk to someone. I didn’t know about the Healing Rooms of Wilmington but thank God they were open. I was crying when I came in. When I left, I was smiling, no more crying. I felt so calm and peaceful after the healing prayers. No weight on me anymore. Thank you so very much. Lori
After prayer, stable blood sugar levels.  Ability to key at 9000+ keystrokes per hour without pain or stiffness.  There is relief of pain and stiffness. Depression is gone. ADHD – no medication needed for focusing.  D. D.
While Ashley was being prayed for at the HROW, Maria had a word for her that she needed to forgive herself.  She began to weep, not realizing why.  After that prayer session,  Ashley reports that she felt released from low self-esteem – an inferiority complex.  She testifies, “All my life I have never felt good enough, always on the outside looking in, as though I never fit in or really belonged.  It has been nine months since my prayer and those awful feelings have not once come back.”  She feels comfortable, at ease, calm, and self-assured in situations dealing with people from all walks of life.  Her relationships have improved since she is no longer worried that she may say or do something wrong.  She states, “I am enjoying peace as never before….I feel as though I have come into His rest!”
I could see faces after prayer.  I could see your eyes.  I was baptized in the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues.  Ring finger used to lock up and now it doesn’t.  I feel like that heaviness is gone.  I fell like I can breathe now. Helen W.
Prayer was asked on behalf for my arms to grow and be the same length.  I could feel a crawling type sensation.  Also, my legs were prayed for so both would be the same lengths. I felt the same crawling type feeling on my skin.  Both arms and legs are now equal in length.  I walked in with pain but I walked out feeling the best I have in ten years! Sandi

Yesterday, after she had been to HR, she cleaned her house from top to bottom, including laundering curtains, scrubbing floors by hand and vacuuming extensively. She had so much energy and went to bed exhausted from working, not from fighting pain in her shoulders, arms and legs as usual. She expected to wake up and not be able to get out of bed this morning. Sue is rejoicing in Jesus because she jumped up from her great night's sleep full of energy and has had no pain all day!!!! Sue
Biopsy Negative!!  No mass found on the MRI! New thyroid medication – no reaction.
The Healing Rooms was a significant part in my life. For support, prayer, teaching me to speak the Word of God for Healing. God has shown me His faithfulness and his presence revealed to me. Praises to God! The Healing Rooms Staff is truly doing God’s work and played a very important role in ministering to me at a very vulnerable time in my life. Deanna
Mastoiditis – Ear problem, severe pain.  Restored hearing in ear, can talk normal, no pain at all. Can hear better than before illness.  Voice better than normal, no pain in ear whatsoever. Paul S.
Stroke and a heart attack within three days of each other five months ago.  My left side and speech were affected.  I went to a healing rooms service two weeks ago,  in a wheelchair and haven’t had to use the wheelchair since.  God told me that I was a work in progress.  Each day my family and I see improvement. 
Cindy came to the Healing Rooms with severe abdominal pain due to post surgery infection in the area of the incision. An usual prayer went forth that the incision would open and the infection would drain. It did exactly that the same night and the infection drained and the pain immediately left never to return.

Woman with an abscessed tooth and infected jaw. After prayer, no pain, abscess or infection. Thank you Jesus!

Lactose intolerance disappeared immediately and my asthma symptoms were slightly improved after first visit. One second visit, scoliosis was prayed for and I felt my lower back straightening out and pain in back was gone. C. P.
After I received prayer, I felt the pressure in my lungs decrease.  My breathing was easier and free.  The pressure in my lungs was always there; it never went away.  But by God’s grace it is gone! Amen! V. D.
My brain MRI was negative for MS and my adrenal function tests were normal after my last visit several weeks ago. I praise the Lord and you for your wonderful ministry!  Linda S.

I was dependent on a cane to keep me from falling and to help me walk.  I was met at the Healing Rooms by Pastor Chuck Williams and Kathleen Taconelli.  He asked me what I was there for.  I said I was believing God for a miracle from MS.  When they began praying for me, I could feel a lot of tingling in the right side of my head.  I got real excited because I knew I had lesions on the brain from the MS and my faith soared as I realized there was activity going on in my head.
When he prayed for the pelvic area, I was shocked to actually feel the inside of my body move around inside of me. As he prayed for my arms they lengthened and when he prayed for my legs they lengthened and went back to a normal place. (One arm and one leg were shorter than the other and after prayer they were equal in length) Then he had me stand and asked me how I felt. I said fine. He told me to put a sealing on my healing by telling people about it. Then I went to the worship service and danced around the room. I started using the stairs, running up and down them. I stopped using the cane and have new freedom and liberty in movement and continue to rejoice over my Miracle from God. Praise the Lord! E. A.
A lot of heat and a feeling of a funnel spinning around me. The lump has become smaller and my neck moves more freely. Dottie

Praise God my back is fine. I don't need the brace anymore. He has healed my spirit with joy and my back, knees, and wrist do not hurt anymore. All praise and thanks to God and His workers who use His power of prayer to help us. I will spread the testimony of His love for me everyday. Mary

Woman with a broken bone in her wrist. Big bump on her wrist. Very painful. After prayer, bump went away and wrist was completely normal. PTL!

I received healing from back and knee pain and hip pointers. I was in much pain before I came today and when my arms and legs grew out the pain left my body. Brenda

After the laying on of hands on my left foot on two occasions, the large toe has been progressively straightening out. The podiatrist that had seen the toe twice acknowledged that it was becoming straighter. Thanks be to God!!Beatrice

My right arm was hurting due to a nerve pinch problem. While my neck was being prayed for the pain went away. Also, my back was out of alignment and it is now back in proper alignment. Pat

After receiving prayer for problems with her hips and knee, Donna is now able to sit and stand freely. She walks without her crutches and without great pain. Donna shared that she feels a sense of peace in her body that she has not felt in a long time. Donna

HROW prayed for Brooke’s right leg. She reports, “I know my right leg was realigned yesterday, and I walked out straight instead of kicking my leg to the outside as I used to. Today I am very aware that the bones and muscles are in a different position than they have been in years.”

Cyst in right knee and it bothered me when I would walk and sleep. A Healing Rooms worker prayed for me and I was healed. I felt heat from her hand and I felt it just shrivel up and then it was gone. I tried to feel it but I couldn't find it. It's gone, Praise the Lord!! - Sharon

I received a miraculous instantaneous healing of my bilateral knee joint pain. After laying on of hands, I was able to stoop down without any kneel pain. I could not no that when I walked in. Praise God!! Sue

Nancy came to the HROW on crutches. She wanted prayer for her broken foot, which had healed crooked, and for her injured leg. She also felt she might have had a concussion because of the abnormal amount of time she slept for five weeks. Nancy testified that all symptoms disappeared. After prayer, the crooked foot was healed within an hour. The next day, she no longer needed her crutches. She has continued to heal and can now walk close to three miles over rough terrain with no problems.

Joanne left with out any pain in her neck, back, or shoulder. All the burning had stopped in her leg. She was walking correctly on her right foot instead of limping.

Nancy asked for prayer for Ethel Morris whose ankles and feet were swollen. The swelling was gone by the next day after prayer was requested and has not returned after many weeks.

Pinched nerve in neck and shoulder.
Wrist pain. Peripheral neuropathy (numbness and burning) in right leg. Bunion on right big toe. She left with out any pain in her neck, back, or shoulder. All the burning had stopped in her leg. She was walking correctly on her right foot instead of limping. Joanne
She had gastro esophageal reflux disorder that caused a great deal of nausea. Joann no longer is nausea and is off her medication. Praise the Lord!
Gale testifies that after prayer for sinus problems, the symptoms (which occurred when outdoors) disappeared.  The manifestation was evident when she was outside all day on Saturday!

For the past 8 Years, I have had problems with my sinuses, a deviated septum, and a post nasal drip that had me coughing continually and waking up at night with a blocked nose that made it difficult to breathe.
It has been five days since I was at the HROW. My symptoms have decreased dramatically. It has been a while; in fact I can’t remember when I was able to breathe out of both nostrils at the same time. My sleeping has improved and my coughing has diminished. Praise the lord. Bob
My singing voice was easier and clearer right after prayer. The swelling in my throat went down. An ultrasound a week later showed a clean thyroid. The doctor drained the cyst which a biopsy proved to be not malignant .  PTL! Georgette

Healing Is God's Idea

JOHN G. LAKE - Founder

Boy Healed of Cerebral Pasly 


If you would like a healing cloth mailed to you, send an email to:

Be sure to include your name and full mailing address

The healing cloth you requested has been anointed and prayed over by our Ministry Team in the Healing Rooms. Know that the very measure of anointing that flows in the Healing Rooms, as we lay hands on the sick, is in this cloth. As cloths were sent out from Apostle Paul’s touch to bring healing, so also these cloths shall bring healing as they are applied to you.

ACTS19:11-12: "God gave Paul the power to do unusual miracles, so that even when handkerchiefs or cloths that had touched his skin were placed on sick people, they were healed of their diseases, and any evil spirits within them came out."  (The New Living Translation)

Please let us know about your healing so that we may post it and give the Father glory for what Jesus has provided.

Jerry C. was given a healing cloth because he had cancer of the throat and lungs. He was on a feeding tube at home. He was not expected to live too much longer. The prayer/healing cloth was placed on his throat. The throat cancer disappeared which was confirmed by his doctor and the lung cancer started to recede. Praise the Lord

Would you be willing to partner with us in this work by giving on a regular monthly basis or with a special one-time gift? We all want to see people healed and for revival and transformation to come to our region, but we can’t do it without support. Please say you will partner with us.

Any financial help you may be able to give would be greatly appreciated. We are a non-denominational, non-profit organization. Gifts are tax-deductible.

The Healing Rooms of Wilmington opened its doors in April of 2001. Since that time over 900 clients have come through our doors for healing prayer. We have received over 350 testimonies of miracles & healings that have come as a direct result of healing prayer by our ministry team. Revs. Chuck & Jane Williams, Directors of The Healing Rooms of Wilmington, have provided training in healing ministry throughout the state's area of Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. Through their leadership and training, new Healing Rooms have been established in, Marlton, NJ, Media, PA, Silver Spring, MD.and Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Matthew 10:7-8 says "And as you go, preach saying, The Kingdom of God is at hand. Heal the sick, cleanse the leper, raise the dead, cast out demons! Freely you have received, freely give."

The Healing Rooms ministry is an end time ministry that is demonstrating the Kingdom of God through the power of healing & miracles. It is proof that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God! The Word declares that miracles, signs, and wonders are for the unbelievers. Through this ministry, we are preparing the way of the Lord for the end time harvest.

We do not charge a fee for our services.  We depend solely upon the prayers and offerings of those who have been blessed by this ministry and those who choose to partner with us in this vision God has set before us.   
WE NEED YOUR HELP!                                                                   
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